Transaction Error in Jboss 5.1

I wanted to deploy a web project on Jboss 5.1, which was deployed in Jboss 4.0 successfully. I could deploy the project in Jboss 5.1 properly but it gives following user transaction error whilst executing.

12:06:47,640 ERROR [STDERR] java.lang.ClassCastException:
ient.ServerVMClientUserTransaction cannot be cast to javax.transaction.UserTrans

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Implementation and Technologies

I developed my mobile project. It uses Java, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), ANT and Spring. Early, I mentioned it has 2 major aspects that are client and server. Client application was developed on Java ME for mobile phone. SVG that has the capability of making tiny vector graphics than raster graphics with smart appearance and low capacity is used to create the graphical user interface for mobile application.  It is only XML based scripting language.

Server application was built on J2SE with the assistance of ANT and Spring tool. More extent of server application was designed by my friend.  It uses ANT tool to being executed the server application manually and Spring tool to handle co-ordination between implementing Java class while developing.

My Mobile Project

I have chosen mobile technology for level 2 industry based project in university. I discussed with a project manager of hSenid International that is a leading software company in Sri Lanka. He led me to develop mobile application, titled “Mobile Weather Analyzer” and allowed me to utilize any kind of languages and tools. It was the inception to being tended to develop mobile application.

Scenario of software process can be explained in brief with reference to user tasks and data manipulation. First, the mobile user enters data, including start and end dates, climate to mobile application. Then, undergoing procedures are initiated. Here, user inputs are transferred to server from mobile phone through network connection of Internet. Server application analyzes data, retrieved from database with relation to mobile user inputs. The summarized data by server sends back to mobile phone. At the end, mobile application represents them in charts as pie chats, bar charts, line charts.