About Me


I am Didula Lakshitha from Sri Lanka. I am an undergraduate of Faculty of Information Technology in University of Moratuwa.

I hope next revolution of Information Technology will be Mobile Technology. In accordance, I give the higher priority for developing mobile applicationt in my profession. Currently, I use J2ME, which is the micro edition of Java language but prefer to study ANDROID that is new platform, based on Linux and Java, developed by Google. At whilst of software development, I do graphic design like photo editing with Photoshop and 3D animation with Maya and 3D Max.

Photography and share market are my most interesting fields. I don’t like auto-focus cameras because it cannot identify my view but I use SLR camera rarely. My hobby is riding bicycle. It gives good exercise.

Name: Didula Lakshtiha Dissanayake

Email: dissanayakedl@gmail.com

Country : Sri Lanka

Faculty : Faculty of Information Technoogy

University : University of Moratuwa

Visit to my Flickr album : http://www.flickr.com/photos/dlak/


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