The Great Victory of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has already eradicated the terrorism. There is no key role to be occurred any destruction for ever.

Sri Lanka battled against a group of terrorists named LTTE. They pretended that they are only the representatives of Tamils. At the begin, majority of tamil people lived specially in northern and eastern, joined with the object of Tamil Ealam dream but later, they comprehended the lie of LTTE leaders, fighting for their own personal benefits.

As the result of the agreement on 2006 between the president, Mahinda Rajapakshe and the political party, JVP, necessary environment was arranged with assistance of the leaders of the defense. Maiden humanitarian operation   against Ealam War IV was launched on 8 august 2006 with Mavil Aru sluice gates open that was closed by Tiger terrorists on 20 July 2006. Then our forces, using the world best defense techniques without damaging to civilians, went forward while facing to many natural and terrorists’ interruptions.

Our forces deployed the world biggest operation for shielding civilians by May 2009. At that moment, people more than 100,000 came to secured zone (government-controlled area). Finally, few terrorists were squared to vary small area. Army and Navy precluded all supplies to LTTE. At Last, the head, Prabhakaran and some leaders died in attacks, keeping the full-stop of LTTE organization that had been in existence for 30 years.

On 18 may 2009, the president officially announced the great victory of Sri Lanka against LTTE at the parliament. In the event of facilitating post war activities and rehabilitation, some western countries involved unsuccessful effort of compromising sri lankan victory internationally. However, Sri Lanka could have won those influences.

We salute our forces.

The Great Victory of Sri Lanka
The Great Victory of Sri Lanka

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