Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty : Faculty of Information Technology

Venue : University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Established : June 2001

The Information and Communication Technology has been rapidly expanding all over the world with increased ICT usage in all forms of day-to-day activities across all the sectors. This unprecedented growth in the ICT industry has resulted in a widening gap between the supply of IT professionals and the available positions in the industry leading to a significant shortage of manpower. To address this issue at the national level, the Faculty of Information Technology, the first ever faculty of this kind in the Sri Lanka state university system, was established in June 2001.

The Faculty of Information Technology conducts an undergraduate program in IT to a limited number of students at present. It is planning to expand the undergraduate intake by ten fold when the necessary infrastructure facilities are established by 2005. Further, the faculty has already started a postgraduate program in IT from early 2004 and few continuing professional development programs addressing the immediate needs of the local IT industry. It is guarantied that the faculty continues to develop and expand adapting to satisfy the ever changing needs of the IT industry to become an entity which both the students and the industry would look up to.

Faculty of Information Technology


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